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Arts Reach to Schools & Artists in Schools

The Arts Reach To Schools (ARTS) and Artists in Schools (AIS) Programs provide standards based art experiences to the students of Tuolumne County. Tuolumne County Schools and TCA have developed a partnership that works enthusiastically to bring high quality visual, literary and performing arts instruction to schools and classrooms. ARTS provides short term classroom experiences with professional artists. AIS is slightly different in that professional artists are at the school for an extended period of time, often for larger group projects.


You might already be a participant, but if you are not currently a part of this program, please contact TCA.

alicia@tuolumnecountyarts.org, or info@tuolumnecountyarts.org


1. Determine the amount of money the school has for ARTS experiences by clicking on button above, asking your ARTS lead, or contacting TCA's ARTS admin, Alicia Serling.

2.  Contact the artist directly by phone or email. You will find Artist Contact Information in the online catalog.

3.  Confirm availability of dates and time with artist.  This will let you be in charge of the schedule and be able to coordinate with your classroom activities. Clarify focus, expectations and curricular needs with the artist ahead of time.

5.  At your school site, contact your ARTS-Lead Teacher and/or school administrator to coordinate materials needed, class size, logistics of experience and scheduling.

6.  The ARTIST will complete the online registration form with the information you have provided/agreed upon.

7.  Following the art experience, complete the program evaluation, either online, or a pdf. (downloadable). signing, dating, and returning the evaluation to TCA within 48 hours.  This last step notifies TCA that it is time to initiate payment to the artist for his/her time.


Schedule your event with the teacher, then fill out the online registration form.

You will automatically receive a copy of the form you filled out.

Notify TCA of any changes

Confirm your event with the teacher prior to your arrival.


There are two ways to finish the evaluation process:

  • Teachers can fill the evaluation out online. Program Evaluation,  (Please encourage them to do so)!

  • You can print out an evaluation form that you can hand to the teacher immediately after your session. Return this to TCA, either in person at our office at the Sonora Inn on S. Washington Street, or send snail mail: P.O. Box 5287 Sonora Ca. 95370. If you have any questions, please email: info@tuolumnecountyarts.org