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Tuolumne County Arts endeavors to inform, educate, entertain, and provide enjoyment and enrichment for our constituents: residents, visitors, students, seniors, and all of those who value the benefit of the arts for our minds, our individual and collective lives – and for our community.

Our history of serving Tuolumne County first began as an idea from gatherings in 1970 that were hosted by renowned musician, conductor and supporter of the local arts community; Carl Anton Wirth. He welcomed like-minded friends to his Twain Harte cabin to share music and conversation with other artists. An idea emerged to create an arts organization that would unite the growing number of artists and musicians who were drawn to the beauty of the area.

In 1976 California’s State Legislature created the California Arts Council. Recognizing that everyone’s life is enriched by the arts, CAC continues its mandate to support, encourage and nurture  the arts in our state. Originally known as Central Sierra Arts Council, we became a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit membership organization in 1978.

Our partnership with the California Arts Council is in the form of the SLPP (State and Local Partnership) grant from the California Arts Council. Because of that partnership, TCA is designated as Tuolumne County’s mandated Public Arts Agency. The goal of which is to provide a continuing Arts presence in order to strengthen our local economy through the arts.

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