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The Tuolumne County


Saturday, October 5th, 2024

Schedule: Coming soon!


Jamestown, CA

Rocca Park and Main Street


Trashion! (Trash + Fashion)

Think fashion made from trash or recycled / repurposed materials, sustainable couture puppets, creative eco-themed catwalks, and more!

We hope to see you in October!


Inspired by the Hebden Bridge Handmade Parade in the UK, local artists Laurie Livingston, Luanne Tillman, and Jen Fletcher launched the first Tuolumne County Handmade Parade celebration on October 1st, 2016. What began as a small street parade of friends, families, and local groups has now grown into an annual community festival, featuring live music, entertainers, light shows, costumes, arts & crafts, and more! 


The Tuolumne County Handmade Parade is all about strengthening our community through involvement with the arts. By nurturing local involvement, we hope to offer the opportunity to come together in a creative way that affirms the diversity and richness of our community.


So what exactly is the Handmade Parade?

In short, it’s a half day of arts and entertainment for all ages followed by a parade of costumes, creations, and performances in Jamestown, CA.


Each year, on the first Saturday of October, you can join us for an afternoon in Rocca Park making arts and crafts, listening to live music, hanging out with the community, catching some live performances, and maybe even learning some juggling or hula hoop tricks from our entertainers. Main St. will then be temporarily closed around dusk, and you can watch or participate in the Handmade Parade itself! Participants in the parade will have the opportunity to show off their custom creations or performances fitting our yearly theme. Think costumes, giant puppets, dances, marching bands, and more! We encourage both individuals and groups to participate. Don’t forget to stay after the parade for some mesmerizing light performances as well!


The Handmade Parade is FREE to attend and participate in! We do ask for donations for certain craft items, but free crafts are always available as well. Folks are welcome to bring their own food, chairs, etc. to the park. Those who wish to participate in the parade can register at the information tent during the afternoon activities the day of.


Tuolumne County Arts and MotherLode MakerLabs organize this event each year and continue to help fund, fuel, and inspire local groups to make wild, wonderful costumes and public art to share with one another for the special event. Workshops leading up to the event each year help to put the materials and tools into people’s hands to create amazing and expressive things. With the help of amazing local sponsors we are able to create a spectacle of art, creativity, performance, and music for Tuolumne County year after year.


Please contact us if you would like to participate in, sponsor, or otherwise support the Handmade Parade!

What is the HMP?
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