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Before filling this out, the teacher and artist have agreed upon the date, time and price of the ARTS class.

In addition, ARTIST and TEACHER have verified that there are sufficient funds to cover the cost of the proposed class, or classes in their school’s ARTS account. A password key is needed to access the schools' accounts.


Email: laurie@tuolumnecountyarts for the password. Please email her from the account you will be using for logging in.

Please encourage teachers to fill out your evaluation online. Alternatively, print the form so that you can hand to the teacher to fill out and hand back to you immediately after your session. Deliver by snail mail or take a shot with your phone & send to:

You must visit our office and pick up your paperwork, as you must be fingerprinted and
have proof of a TB test  BEFORE you teach in a classroom. As you will be an employee of TCA, you will need
to fill out all necessary forms for our payroll system..

We have also attached the evaluation form to the emails that the teacher will receive when you register. We really want you to get paid! You will get paid when TCA receives your Evaluation.

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